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New Category

I’ve decided to add a new category to the rulebook.


Girl Code:

#1 Exes are off limits.  Always.  Period.

#2 Exception:  if you have written permission from the friend before you do ANYTHING with their ex.



#5 The summer you graduate high school will be the best summer of your life.  (Until you turn 21).



The beginning of a new semester is always exciting.  New classes, new books, new faces, new experiences.  So far I am loving my new schedule (four day weekend!!!).  Lots of time for “research.”  Actually.  I’m doing research for one of my communication professors.  It is quite exciting.  I feel important whenever I go up to the communication office, especially since I am getting to know all my professors on a more casual level.  It’s rather funny.  Then of course there’s the opera, and my own vocal recital is coming up.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to venture over to Costa Mesa.  It’s one of my new favorite places in Orange County.  Home to the South Coast Plaza, the Orange County Performing Arts Center (OCPAC), and an adorable park of handsome statues and artwork.  It is as close to culture as you can get in Orange County, without going up to Los Angeles.

OCPAC – Beethoven Piano Concerto

A few friends and I got dinner at the Boudin Bakery at South Coast Plaza (5th avenue in a mall, as my friend Caitlin put it).  Then took a walk through the park on our way to the OCPAC.  We heard two of Beethoven’s piano concertos and a couple other works.  It was an excellent night.  I got to escape for an evening, and revel in the beauty that is art and culture.  I used to love going to the symphony as a child.  We would go on school field trips, and every once in a while my parents would take me.  The fancy dresses, the smell of the theatre, the shiny instruments.  It was always and exciting experience.  This was a wonderful Thursday evening.  For a few hours I got to pretend I was back home, in my urban jungle of tall buildings, beautiful noises and great food.

Thursdays are a wild card night here.  Sometimes there are big parties, but most people hit the bars around midnight.  Many students have class until 10pm.  Those of us lucky enough not to, get a few hours of child-like fun to do whatever we want before heading out.  So I decided to invent a new game.  I call it “power grid – power hour.”

As the title suggests, we combined the games of Power Grid and power hour to create an awesome pre-(really, kind of nerdy)game.  For those of you unfamiliar with power hour, the rules are very simple.  You take a shot of beer every minute for an hour.  You can find themed playlists online to help you.  The song changes every minute for an hour to help you keep track.  It’s really quite fun.  You do this while playing our new favorite board game, Power Grid.  We knew before going in that we either wouldn’t finish the game, or we wouldn’t finish the hour.  So be prepared.

I highly recommend NOT playing Power Grid for the first time, while consuming too much alcohol.  The rules are complicated enough as it is, drinking will just throw you off.  But after you have played once or twice, it really is a fun thing to do.

Then of course hit the bars before you let it sink in that you may be a closet nerd.  My friend Maria called me nerdy once, when I mentioned to her that we used to play Settlers of Catan before Lost every Tuesday.  That’s a really fun game, I may like it better than Power Grid.  However it’s much less complicated.

Anyway, the point is…  College is short, and games are fun.  So play as many as you can.  (Life Rule #4)

And while we’re on the subject, last night (3rd Thursday), I saw Tron: Legacy in our school’s new 3D theatre.  I LOVE the soundtrack.  The movie is not great, but I enjoyed watching it.  The director of animation gave a Q & A after the show.  It bored my socks off (although I was wearing sandals).  So I left and met up with my new January friend.  We made quesadillas and guacamole and ate next to my outdoor fireplace.

Thursdays are a fun night to try new things.  They are not quite the weekend yet, so if you end up having a lame night, you get the next two days to make up for it.  Happy Thursdays!

The Rulebook

I thought it would be fun to create a “rulebook” of things I’ve learned and/or made up from experience, the media, and just plain common sense.  This page is meant for entertainment purposes only.  If you choose to take any of the following rules literally, do so at your own discretion.


Dating Rules:

#1  Nice guys are always better than bad boys.

#2  Even the nice ones can be a**holes.

#3  The guy (in a male/female relationship) should always pay for the first date, if he does the asking.

#4  If he doesn’t, cut him from the team ASAP.  If he doesn’t pay, he doesn’t like you.  Period.

* This really only applies to the first date, and only to the person who does the asking.

#5  Ignore anything a man tells you, and only pay attention to what he does.  Actions speak much louder than words.

#6  “Busy” = “I’m just not that interested”

#7  It is extremely vital for all significant others to pass the “friends” test.  It is important to gain your friends’ and family’s approval.  They must also be able to “hang”.

#8  Never date someone you are embarrassed by.  But don’t be shallow either.

#9  Good communication and equality are the keys to a successful relationship.

#10  You are always worth it.  Hold out for the person who believes that too.



#1  Most good things in life are worth the wait.

#2  Better late than early… just think about it.

#3  It is good to believe in something, it doesn’t matter what it is.

I believe in being happy.


Things I’ve Learned from Disney Movies:

#1  Blondes have magical healing powers (Tangled).

#2  We all live happily ever after in the end (Every Disney movie).

#3  You can tell if someone is right for you after the first kiss (Snow White).

#4  Never lose sight of your inner child (Peter Pan) .

#5  Do not trade the ability to sing, for a pair of legs (The Little Mermaid).


Proper Party Etiquette:

#1  If you come together, leave together.  Period.

#2  If you fall asleep with your shoes on, people can and will draw on you.

#3  You don’t admit you’re a freshman.

#4  Don’t assume people are freshman just because you have never seen them before.

#5  Jello shots are real alcohol.

#6  Pregaming hard, parting hard, and brunching the next day = successful weekend.



When I started this blog back in June, I was not sure what direction it would take.  Would it be personal anecdotes?  Advice?  Stories about all the amazing college adventures I have yet to write about?  The exploration of different thoughts and ideas?  I am still not sure how exactly to define it.  However, I have decided to have more fun with it.

Spring semester starts today.  I LOVE being a communications major.  I have so much more free time.  Life is exciting, and music has become my passion again, not just work.  I have decided this is going to be a fantastic year.  As I explained to my friend Amanda yesterday, sometimes you just have to tell yourself something, and believe it.  So far, it has been true.  One resolution I have for myself, is to blog more frequently.  I thoroughly enjoy writing, and reading the comments and feedback I receive.  So why not document this fabulous year properly?

January is one of my favorite months of the year.  It is a time for new beginnings, change, and self-reflection.  The “anything goes” attitude is inspiring, and comforting.  January is the perfect time of year to meet new people.  I truly believe this.  I expect to meet new people.  I expect to make new friends, try new things, and relax after a (hopefully not, but probably) stressful holiday season.  The last three January’s are so vivid in my mind.  Last year in particular.  David and I broke up, and I spent most of January partying hard, and making as many new friends as possible.  The friendships I formed that month, have become some of the very best, more rewarding relationships I have ever encountered in my life.  Unfortunately they are all film majors… Perhaps this is not an unfortunate fact, but I have seen more movies in the last month, than in my entire life before this.  We especially made a point to watch as many Oscar Nominated films as possible.  I will elaborate on this in a later entry.






Then one Friday we decided to see the film Rubber.  There was a free sneak preview at The Silent Movie Theatre in LA.  It was directed by the French director, Quentin Dupieux.  He was there, as well as several of the actors from the film.  I absolutely love the Silent Movie Theatre.  It shows both old and new movies, all very obscure.  They charge an arm and a leg for movie snacks, but often provide you with free beer before and during the show.  The seats range from couches in the front, to chairs separated by small drink stands, to folding chairs on the sides for those who choose to come late.  It’s a funky little place, located off Melrose Avenue, but it’s cozy and friendly.  It attracts an odd crowd of hipsters, potheads, and I suppose artists as well – where we might fit in.

The film is about a tire who decides to kill people.  It sounds terrible, but I actually enjoyed it.  The opening monologue was one of the most well written speeches I have ever heard.  From the opening shot, to the very last scene, I was entertained.  I highly recommend seeing it if you get a chance.  It is artsy, and dark, but it is a metaphor for movies and truly enjoyable.  The acting was mediocre at best, and the plot is unusual, but there was something about it that made me think “wow, this is a great film.”

Of course, no break would be complete without a couple trips to good old Disneyland.  I have had a season pass for the past two years.  It is something most Orange County residents acquire at some point in their lives.  Although I go quite often, I can honestly say in the past month I have gone more times than I had in my entire life before college.  It is always a good time.  We usually go during the day, and leave before prime party time.

Then there was Power Grid.  This is a board game my friend Josh introduced us to.  He is from Kansas, so I cannot blame him for wanting to find alternative ways to entertain himself.  Cow tipping does not sound amusing.  (Just teasing.)  It is a fairly new game.  Sometimes there are discrepancies over the rules, and we must resort to Google-ing the answers through gaming blogs.  This makes me feel incredibly nerdy, words cannot describe.  We rarely play sober though, and often play as a form of pregaming, which makes it slightly better.  The game is designed for 3-6 people.  Sometimes we have to fight each other to play.  I suppose I must embrace this nerdy side I did not know existed.  Even my friend Marie who goes to Harvard for chemistry, called me a nerd when I told her about how we play Settlers of Catan for fun.

Like I said, January is a time for new adventures, new friendships, and new beginnings.  The newest friendships may have to wait for their own entry.  🙂

It is definitely that time of year again.  As I walked through the library yesterday, I heard Christmas carols being sung in the piazza.  Unfortunately it does not snow here, but it has gotten pretty cold.  I have finally had a reason to break out my collection of hand knit scarves, tan leather gloves, and matching tan boots.  It has even been cold enough to wear jackets.  Real jackets, not just sweaters.  I have a lovely leopard print coat I bought a year ago, that I absolutely adore.  I feel silly every time I wear it, but it is so warm I don’t care.  Besides, faux-fur in this season.

Today my sorority sister Samantha threw an amazing Christmas tea party.  Complete with scones, jam, spinach & artichoke dip, homemade cookies, quiche and chocolate flavored tea.  It was delicious.

A picture of the chocolate flavored tea.

The delicious homemade scones.

I feel as if I have been spending way too much time in the library lately.  I was sitting in there this afternoon, when I decided, it was time to get out and go be social.  As finals week approaches, it is hard to think about anything else.  But now is the best time of the year to be thankful.

So I am thankful for a wonderful afternoon spent with wonderful friends.  And I am most thankful for merely being able to have a finals week.  It is something I often forget about.  But so many people in the world, especially women, will receive little to no education.  So as finals week hits, I am full of gratitude.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE coffee.  One of my favorite activities is catching up with old friends over a delicious vanilla latte.  In San Francisco, my absolute favorite coffee shop is called Coffee to the People, located on the corner of Haight and Masconic.

My friend Emma and I meet here regularly.  Everything from the atmosphere, to the coffee, to the local artwork on the walls makes me smile.  I love coming home to San Francisco, and breathing in the culture.  Like most large cities on the West Coast, coffee is a huge part of our culture.

Even if you do not drink the beverage itself, the environment is so welcoming and friendly, it is impossible to resist.  I remember going to a local coffee shop nearly everyday in high school.  It was our hangout spot.  We could sit for hours having interesting, intellectual conversations over coffee and occasionally cigarettes.  (We were weird).  And I miss that.  Even my college is not as coffee-friendly as my high school.

There is something about this mild stimulant that fosters such conversation and excitement.  Although I love a good party or kickback, sometimes I find that taking the time to talk to someone over a good cup of coffee, is even more meaningful and enjoyable.

If you are ever in San Francisco – or any new place for that matter, I encourage you to spend an hour or two just sitting in a local coffee shop.  (As much as I love Starbucks, it does not count as local.)  Take the time to reflect on the people and culture who make the city wonderful and unique.  Besides, what could be more touristy than experiencing the culture first-hand?

We hear the phrase “Peace, Love, (insert any random word or organization)” often.  I am sure you all know someone who preaches this zen ideal without much thought to its meaning.  I see it everywhere.  Juicy Couture just launched a new perfume called “Peace Love & Juicy Couture.”  We hear phrases such as “world peace,” “love for all mankind,” etc.  Let’s make the world green.  Let’s recycle, and turn off the lights when we leave the room.  We can all do our part.  But are going green, peace, and love just trends like everything else?  Probably.

How many of you choose to walk or ride your bike to work?  How many of you would rather drive around for 10 minutes to find the perfect parking spot, instead of taking an extra five minutes to walk to your destination?  How many of you ignore the homeless people who ask you for money, or the street canvassers?  Sure we all have our own reasons for wanting or not wanting to give money to a stranger – but they are still people.  There are polite ways to tell someone you are simply not interested without dehumanizing them.

We may love the idea of peace.  It is a nice feeling to know that you are at peace with the world and everyone in it.  When you have nothing to complain about, and no one to hate.  We do not have to like everyone to feel at peace.  But we do have to forgive.  And along with forgiveness comes kindness.  Every time I get upset with someone, I try to see the situation from their perspective.  I have come to believe that there really are no bad people.  Our experiences change the way we see the world, and no two people will look at a situation the same way.  The person who can forgive is the person who will ultimately be happier than the person who causes destruction.

Why are people rude?  Why do people do things that cause others to be unhappy, even for a brief moment?  No one is happy 100% of the time.  But some people are happy more often than others.   It is easier to be kind when we are happy.  When we are not in our happiest hour, it is our job to calm down.  To practice kindness, even if we do not feel happy or kind.  And it the responsibility of everyone, to understand that sometimes people are not going to be nice.  We still need to be kind to those people.  It is SO much easier said than done, but if we take the time to respond with kindness, we have a much better chance of things going our way.

If we actively practice kindness – peace, love and understanding will follow.  So I challenge you all to be thankful for something.  Your family, a good friend, food on your table, your new coat, whatever it is.  Take that feeling and turn it into happiness.  With your happiness, smile and turn that into an action of kindness.  Be kind to your family, your friends, strangers, other shoppers out today, or the person desperately trying to keep stacks of clothes folded.

Respond with kindness, not ignorance, anger or rudeness.  Just because you turn the lights off when you leave the room, does not necessarily make you a good person.  Just because someone drives around for hours wasting gas, does not make them a bad person.  And just because someone preaches world peace and love, does not mean they follow their own advice.  Somehow going green, peace and love have turned into one big jumble of “goodness.”    If we blindly follow a trend we do not understand, we are just relaying that ignorance.  So perhaps we should steer clear of what is “trendy” and preach the value of kindness.  It will go a lot further.